The Activity Bus

The Activity Bus was created by Michelle Russell. An idea of sharing links, through a Facebook page, to free online resources, that might help parents during the 2020 Lockdown. Some posts reaching 20 people, while other posts reaching over 19,000 people. Initially a temporary platform, it still continues today, now with a website of its own.


Michelle Russell

The driving force behind The Virtual Activity Bus, Michelle also drives a real bus, as well as being a.....

Nursery Nurse, Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant, Early Years Teacher & Manager, Tutor, Assessor & Internal Verifier.

Working with all age groups, spanning the early years to post 16, Michelle always aims to empower individuals to learn, building on what they already knew.

Storyteller, Doodler, Illustrator, Author, Poet and Education Advisor, collaborating with other professionals and community groups, who have a passion for helping others, through education and stories.

Michelle Russel - Trails of Tails

Trails of Tails that Travel

A partnership with Travelling Storyteller, Richard O’Neill, writing, illustrating and publishing books & educational resources. Advising and collaborating with communities & individuals to share their voice:

1TcA, creating a picture book and an innovative Ambassador Programme that develops awareness and understanding of key skills that will be essential to the leaders of tomorrow: leading their own learning to empower the spirit and passion to support their own community and the wider world.

Future4fairgrounds, establishing learning resources that help develop knowledge and understanding about the Showman Community. Building the educational project from the ground up, reaching pupils, parents, teachers and government ministers.

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